Family Farewell Emotions: Reflections on How Confucianism Influences the Introverted Expression of Emotions in China

︎Graphic Design, Book Art
︎Final Major Project, MAGMD, UAL
︎Jul, 2021-Dec, 2021, London


Living in China, where traditional Confucianism influences social rituals, as a native, I can still feel the constraints caused by this ideology, especially with regard to the emotions of acknowledging and presenting oneself. Under such an influence, psychological burdens and pressure are increased. Even in the crucial moments of parting from loved ones, many people are still unable to express their true feelings; they do not know how to deal with their sadness or face the reality of loss.

In my project, Family Farewell Emotions, I aim to use the context of the family to initiate intra-family dialogues, inviting the audience to reflect on Confucianism's role in their own lives, which is rarely questioned. By interviewing people who have lived in the Chaoshan region of southern China for a long time, a picture of the intergenerational communication patterns between families in this area can be gradually constructed.


The project outcome is a book archive of a series of interviews and dialogues that I have had with my family members, while the topic of the interviews reflected on how Confucianism influences people’s introverted expression of emotions.

The book design offers critical and reflective design material that could stimulate the thinking of a large group of people and invited the readers to see themselves in the material when looking at the conversations and family stories.


This conversation archive includes eight chapters, which are:
One background and introduction chapter, Six family member chapters, and One curator’s chapter.

Design: Wendy Xiuwen Chen
Size: 200x50mm
Pages: 96
Publication: 2021
Language: Chinese and English
Binding: Coptic binding (thread sewn)
Printing: London College of Communication