During this stage, we did the sleep observations and exploring people’s opinion on sleep on a broader level than just see it as an individual activity. We asked participants to imagine how the world and human body might look like if we no longer needed to sleep. Interestingly, despite the fictional condition of no longer need to sleep, most people had a fair dystopia outlook on both matters.

Sleep Observation︎︎︎
︎Light on for the recording which disturbed our sleep.
︎Pre-bed habit, eg. play with phone
︎Menstrual sleep

Site Interviews︎︎︎
Many participants felt the body would become fitter and stronger due to more activity and burning more calories regularly throughout the 24 hours. It is interesting to see how people think our rest is connected to our bodies' physicality. Our eyes may enlarge due to adapting to the darker lighting conditions. And participants also felt our life expectancy would be much shorter because of the extra energy being exerted, which resulted in participants even thinking we might be happier in cases.

These findings allowed us to explore the human body in a way that we felt is not commonly discussed, letting participants run wild with how they thought to sleep, and the body is essential and connected.