I transcribed the interviews conducted with my samples and I used coding analysis to assist me in classifying the problems and opportunities.
These interviews showed an unequal dinning atmosphere in diabetes family also exist because of this disease.

Here are some key findings:
︎Food can be a significant source of stress for diabetes patients in their everyday lives.

︎Diabetes can destroy the harmony of the patient's body and interfere with the patient's family and social life.

︎Patients tend to put the most pressure on themselves most of the time, rather than sharing the burden. When they are using diet to control their situation, they usually do not want to disturb others’ eating habits.

︎Family members do not always know the best way to support the patient. Some verbal communication and inappropriate behaviour can hurt patients’ feelings, such as ‘Don’t eat this’, ‘This is not for you’, ‘Are you sure you should be eating this?