With the help of the internet and the Lambeth & Southwark Diabetes UK Group, I finally got patients who would like to participate in my project from USA/Russia/Arabia/Chinese family. My sample includes 3 Type one diabetes patients, 11 Type two diabetes patients and  4 people who are in diabetes family.

“I need to understand what I need to do, how many insulin, unit, cals. Just count. My life is like a calculator.” (Lucy, Type 1 diabetes patient)

"The food control would cause everyone's unhappiness when you eating out with others, so it is meaningless. No matter what happens, to maintain a happy life, and social social interaction can be carried out normally will be more necessary than to cause other people's unhappiness.” (
Dan, Type 2 diabetes patient)

“Patient are all human being, even they know they can’t do
something, people will still cheating sometimes. ” (June, Type 2 diabetes patient)